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Thermoplastic & Painted Striping

Thermoplastic striping is a high-durability form of pavement striping used commonly on streets and freeways. A combination of pigments, glass beads and binders, thermoplastic is highly reflective and solvent-free, and is the favored form of pavement striping due to its visibility, longevity and cost-effectiveness. For an ideal application, existing paint striping must be removed by 90%, previous thermoplastic must be removed completely, and surfaces must be free of debris. Concrete must be allowed to cure for 14 days and roadways ideally need 7 days of traffic flow before striping for best results. Thermoplastic roadway striping and painted parking and play yard striping projects are our specialty and we’d be glad to consult with you about your project.

Caltrans 1, 2 and 3 Slurry Seals and Microsurfacing

Slurry seal and microsurfacing are used to fill in minor cracks in the surface of pavement and create a higher friction surface to prevent skidding. Slurry seal is a malleable material that can be spread into the corners of parking lots, asphalt paths and other tight spaces. It has a brownish color when applied and needs to cure for at least 24 hours before being opened to traffic. Microsurfacing uses a more durable aggregate that can be ready for traffic in less than 60 minutes. The initially dark brown material blackens quickly as it cures. While slightly different in application and longevity, both slurry seal and microsurfacing are appropriate for public highways, roads, parking lots and airport runways.

Asphalt Seal Coat

Maintenance of asphalt pavement with annual seal coating is essential to protecting your investment. Over time, exposure to the elements can cause asphalt to oxidize and become brittle, making it more vulnerable to the cracks and fissures that come with traffic and temperature changes. Water can also wear away the smaller particles that make up an asphalt surface, leaving larger particles that can become smooth and slippery over time. Seal coating protects pavement from both of these processes, increasing its longevity and keeping it safer. Note that seal coating should be applied to pavement that is still in good condition. It is important to do the application on a warm day with low humidity as water can hamper the process.

Sports Court Coating & Striping

We provide installation and repair of surfacing and athletic equipment for tennis, basketball and other sports courts. Sports courts typically need resurfacing every four to six years depending on usage and weather exposure, and courts require different surfaces, materials and layouts based on each sport’s regulations. We can help make sure your courts are safe, appealing and game-ready.

Roadway & Parking Signs

We install a full range of roadway traffic and parking signs for government and private sector clients. Our crews are experienced in traffic signs, overhead sign structures, bridge-mounted signs, dynamic message signs (DMS) and temporary signage. We can also work with you on site design to ensure easy navigation. Please inquire with information about your project so we can help you get started.